Festival of Healing & Spiritual Awareness


Pritchard Community Center

404 S. Mulberry Street
Elizabethtown, KY  42701


Festival Times:            Saturday, January 16, 2016  10:00am ~ 6:00pm

Sunday, January 17, 2016  12:00pm ~ 6:00pm


Lectures/Workshops throughout both days

conducted by various Holistic Teachers, Animal Communicator,

Intuitive Spiritual Counselors, Alternative Healers & Bodyworkers,

Health & Wellness Workers - Aura Photography

Admission:  ONLY $7* per day/$10 both days

*$ 2 Discount with donation of one canned food item for 

SpringHaven Domestic Violence Program 


Contact Virginia Gilpin   502-275-9692


                                Speakers Schedule    

Saturday, January 16, 2016 Speakers Schedule  (subject to changes)


10:00am          OPENING CIRCLE


11:00am          Intuitive Healing; The Body Knows – Elizabeth Monroy


12:00pm          How to Feel Good All the Time; Demystify the Ingredients to  Happiness - Michael & Cindy Fess


1:00pm          How to See the Aura – Kathy Glover


2:00pm          Direct Divine Guidance: Why Everyone Can Benefit from Psychic      Development – Clairvoyant Diana


3:00 pm          Are Angels Real? - Thomas Freese


4:00pm          F-E-A-R; False Evidence Appearing Real

– Nanci Irene Wesling


5:00pm          Animals Can Talk – Latifa Meena



Sunday, January 17, 2016 Speakers Schedule  -  (subject to changes)


12:00pm         Removing Cords of Attachment – Larry Crockett


1:00pm           Angels Speak Through the Tarot – Beckie Henry


2:00pm             Akashic Awareness - Mark James


3:00pm          Intuition: Our Higher Intelligence – Kristine Jenssen


4:00pm          Inspiration and Intuition: Tea Leaf Reading,
Tarot, and Creating Poetry - Tabitha Dial


5:00pm          Enjoy Our Vendors 



  LAHNA HARRIS BARNES has been helping others effect positive changes in their lives since 1998 as an energy worker, hypnotherapist, handwriting analyst, meditation guide, and spirit scribe.  Her background as a medical social worker has enhanced her natural abilities to understand and relate to others.  Lahna will be offering ENERGY READINGS this weekend and will assist you with supporting your energy center(s) that need balancing.  Energy readings include a Reiki scan, handwriting scan, and pendulum scan…you will also take home with you a supportive chakra stone, a complete set of chakra meditation cards with affirmations, and a pendulum of your choice.  The Energy Readings are offered at Special Festival Prices. Throughout her work as an energy worker, Lahna found she often received messages for her clients during sessions.  She began sharing these messages, and her gift of automatic writing quickly increased, thus she became a SPIRIT SCRIBE.   She will connect with your angels and guides to receive a message for you that they most wish for you to hear today. Lahna has also channeled a book of messages for first names, Spirit Scopes, and is currently working on volume II.  You can order your copy today. lahna55@gmail.com


http://www.spiritscribe.info  502.377.9776

  TOM BISHOP is a hands-on healer.  He places his hands where guided on the client, and assists with the removing of pain, helping/healing those who are to be healed.  This can be done standing, sitting or lying down during a table session.  The client must be willing to allow the healing and be with the process.  Through these sessions, one can be healed spiritually, mentally and physically.  This type of healing can also be done long distance with the client's full name and permission. Tom is also an Akashic Records Consultant. Akashic Records are the souls journey from inception through past, present and future lives as you are living today.  Your records keepers know everything pertaining to your journeys. Tom is a ONENESS BLESSING FACILITATOR. Oneness Blessing is the transfer of energy that initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness.  Through this evolution it is possible to obtain healing, setting right of relationships, increased resilience and the ability to deal with life's problems.  As a facilitator, he expresses gratitude in invoking the Divine presence.  He lays his hands upon the client's head and the blessing begins.  Ph;  502-316-2566 or 502-316-3586     tombishop@wildblue.net


  C. B. BJORK - As far back as he can remember, he has  always been electromagnetically sensitive.  Whenever the power would go out, he would wake up.  This is because the energy around him changed.  He later discovered that this is known as Clairsentience, or clear feeling. His trip down the rabbit hole started in the summer of 2001.  He was on vacation with his girlfriend in St. Augustine, Florida.  She wanted to go on a ghost tour of the city.  He thought it was silly since he did not believe in ghosts, but went along.  They stopped by one of the oldest cemeteries in town where the guide told them about how the ghosts there would pull on people’s dresses or hair.  After the group moved on, he stood at the gates and dared the spirits to prove they were there.  Suddenly, the hot July night turned really cold, all the hair on his body stood on end, and he was freaked out.  Needless to say, he ran to catch up with the group.  A few weeks later, he was at work when he met a woman who claimed to be a “ghosthunter/psychic/medium.”  He told her about his encounter and she told him that he was clairsentient. He did not want to be able to feel ghosts, see ghosts, or know anything about ghosts, much less be told he might be psychic.  He didn’t want to tell anyone about this because he didn’t really believe in it himself.  Over time he kept encountering the same “feeling.”  He could be at work, home, or a store and time and again the same sensation kept hitting him.  He knew there was something more to this than he was understanding.  After he started to be awakened at night because he had ghost visitors, he knew he was not only attracting them, but needed to figure out how to control this.  You have to understand that ghosts are nothing more than energy.  Where you and I consume food to survive, ghosts consume personal energy.  Because he can feel energy, he can feel the presence of ghosts/spirits.  He started to read everything he could find about ghosts and clairsentience.  The fear he used to have started to fall away as he learned more about using his ability.  In time, he took psychic development classes which helped him to attune his abilities and aided him in discovering my strengths.  It was during this time he had a strong pull towards Tarot.  He started studying the cards and their meaning and working with reading spreads.   He soon felt comfortable enough to start reading for friends and from there started doing tarot publicly.  From there, he knew there was more he was meant to do and he wanted to do things that related to energy.  Learning to do Reiki seemed to be a natural progression.  He has found many uses for using personal energy to aid others with their discomforts.  In 2013, he achieved the status of Reiki Master.  He continues to learn and grow and is ever fascinated by where this journey will take him.  Ph: 317-435-2500 or CB@cbbjork.com

  BRIAN BURGHARDT is a minister, energy healer, and artist. He works with the Christ energy that runs through the body and removes blockages with his energy tools. Enter into his sacred healing temple to experience a “peace that passeth understanding.” Come see Brian at the Festival of Healing. Brian comes from Michigan to bless us.

  SHARON CASSEL is a medium that has heard spirit since childhood.  She draws on her intuitive gifts to connect and interpret spirit energy to provide clarity, hope, and relief to those who are directed to her.  She is a diviner that also reads oracle cards and palms to deliver needed messages.  You may contact her at; 502.758.1330 or sharonsees2@gmail.com 

  JOANIE CONN - Growing up, Joanie always knew that she had a unique awareness of energies that surround people...past and present.  Through family stories she began to understand that her abilities go back many generations and with this new understanding, she began her journey. Her spirit yearned to help others on their path. Her continuing education of religions, metaphysics, and the paranormal gave her spirit that opportunity. Your spirit wants to communicate with you constantly.  Due to stress and worry in our daily lives, those messages can become jumbled and sometimes even blocked.  There are many enlightened helpers waiting to guide you in a multitude of ways.  This is where she comes in!  She possess the ability to identify your helpers and to assist in the translation of the messages by using oracle cards and a lifetime of spiritual study. By tapping into your spirit, together she can bridge the gap of uncertainty to make the messages clear.  What has YOUR spirit been trying to tell YOU? mjaconn@hotmail.com - www.JoanieConn.com

  LARRY CROCKETT is a certified Master of Crystology, a Usui Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher, and is certified in Crystal Surgery. Larry is one of the teaching assistants in the Healer's Certification Program and is a board member of Four Winds Academy of the Healing Arts and Sciences in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Larry is a board member and a healing practitioner of White Dove Circle of Light and Love in Troy (near Dayton, Ohio).  Also, Larry is one of the original practitioners of the Mystical Paranormal Fair in Lexington, Kentucky. Shamanic journeying, guided meditations, past-life ascensions, energy healing, and the crystal reading board are just a few of the modalities he uses to bring about healing. You can contact Larry through his email lcrockett@fuse.net or by calling 513-648-9883 to schedule an appointment.  www.HealerDragon.com

  TABITHA DIAL is the gal behind North Star Muse.  

She believes we all have inner navigation. We are at our finest when we trust ourselves.  

While we have a certain level of freedom of choice, our true purpose is somewhat fixed, like the North Star.

  Tarot, tea leaf readings, and creative activities help navigate our potential.  Her early muses remain close to her: writing and tarot.  As a child, she spent hours in her parents' backyard, composing short stories.  She discovered tarot while a teenager. The art drew her in to tarot, and she rediscovered it when she entered school for a masters in poetry. Her thesis was a book-length collection of poetry. She sought a theme.  Tarot, and her love of poetry, communication, and creativity, have connected her to various people and publications, like Erik C. Dunne, the creator of the Tarot Illuminati, the Denver Tarot Meetup, Tarot expert and book author Mary K. Greer, enthusiastic first-time tarot clients, Magpie Oracle creator Carrie Paris, Christiana Gaudet, and other poets and the editor of Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology.  Myths! Characters! Landscapes of universal and personal symbols nourish her each time she turns to tarot, tea leaf readings, and creative activities.
 She began to read tea leaves because of my grandmother.  Legend has it that she learned geomancy (reading patterns in nature) from her Cherokee grandmother.

She fondly recalls her grandmother reading the leaves at the bottom of Chinese tea pots at a favorite local restaurant. She did it only a few times, and in a spirit of playfulness that Tabitha likes to use in her own readings.  Tabitha enjoys art journaling and vision board creations as she values creativity.  We build our realities with our thoughts.
Using art affirmation journals, or collage and visual board work, our thoughts can evolve with layers of meaning.
 Our visions for ourselves should be limitless, and she believes each of us can access our core self through creative activities, like writing, visual art, music and drumming, dance, and more.  Sharing creative ideas with others is one of the most fulfilling things she does at North Star Muse.  www.NorthStarMuse.com 
Ph. 702-422-5633

  CLAIRVOYANT DIANA of http://www.myspiritcare.com is a professional clairvoyant psychic, a “soulcologist” and ordained minister, shamanic practitioner, metaphysician, former medium and deep trance channel, long-time author and spiritual development teacher. With more than 35 years of helping others to find spiritual connection in the chaos of daily life, she is present at the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness to consult with you about any concerns or questions you have about yourself and those closest to you. Diana can guide you about the next steps to take in your spiritual journey. She will help you understand your true identity as an eternal spiritual being, offer clear insight as to your life purpose and address your relationship questions with clairvoyant insight about family or career matters. She can help you with spiritual energies, such as how to clear your life of negative influences, how to clean your own aura and attract very positive energy, discover your own psychic potential, understand paranormal events or high strangeness in your life, and provide further clarity about how you can get “unstuck” and begin to find inner peace as you step out to manifest your highest potential. Diana offers private clairvoyant sessions by appointment, and through the My Spirit Care Wisdom Schools, she offers classes and workshops on psychic development and metaphysics here in Elizabethtown. Be sure to attend her lecture at the Festival, “Direct Divine Guidance: Why Everyone Can Benefit from Psychic Development” Learn how it’s possible for you to develop your birthright of connecting to the Divine. She looks forward to this special opportunity to connect with you and offers her sincere and devoted service to you on your spiritual path!! You may contact Rev. Diana at (270) 766-1469.

  VICKI JO DIETZ is a Fourth Level Andean Priestess and Shaman, certified in Luminous Healing and Soul Retrieval by the Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School. She has taken numerous Michael Harner Classes under Dana Robinson, and various other Inkan Shamanic Teachings with Elizabeth Jenkins, Zane Curfman and Wake Wheeler. She was initiated in Peru by the Q’ero Tribe.  She studied Vibrational Healing with the Phoenix Vibrational Healing Method under Fred Payne.  She holds numerous classes and retreats as well as celebrations and ceremonies. She considers herself a Shaman of the Dead as she is called to help those living in the physical and also those who have not crossed over.  She is a Spiritual Counselor, and an ordained minister of the Rose Ministries.  Ph.  502-645-3033  msvicjo@aol.com

  CHAD & ALTA DILLARD are the owners of U-Neek Rabbit Shawls & Gifts. Alta comes from the Nez Pierce, Blackfoot and French ancestry. She is referred to as a Medium or Seer, that of the between realm. The gift assists her in all that you inquire about with the one and only truth. "YOUR TRUTH" She has shared the gift for four decades with people nationally and internationally. You are encouraged to BE WITH THOSE WHO HELP YOUR BEING.

A medium spiritual life reading is an in depth evaluation of ones soul both past and present and is intended for those individuals who want a deeper insight about their lives.

Join Alta, for an evolutionary experience.

 Readings Group Readings Corporate Events Festivals Private Weekends Complimentary Readings for the Host.
 Ph. (205) 473-5698


  CINDY & MICHAEL FESS together, join hearts with their unique talents of music, video production, speaking, teaching, writing, jewelry making, and art to bring love, healing, and self-empowerment to all......CINDY has been an artist and musician all her life. Since 1981, she has created beautiful handcrafted jewelry for thousands of customers around the world. Cindy is also a Kentucky Crafted Emeritus honoree of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. Her art has graced the covers of numerous publications, as well as businesses, homes and public institutions, including four brightly painted life-size fiberglass horses for both Louisville, Kentucky's Gallopalooza Brightside civic projects. Cindy also authored a self-help book, Harmony and Me (Chicago Spectrum Press). Cindy's passion is teaching self-empowerment through speaking, writing and intuitive counseling. She also loves to sing and perform with Michael and enjoys using her artistic gifts to inspire people to open their hearts and see their own divinity and inner beauty. At age 13, MICHAEL was already performing and entertaining, both on CBS and NBC affiliates. In high school, Michael began playing percussion in bands professionally, and continued to do so for the next 40 years. He took up piano as well, becoming a master composer and lyricist with 16 albums to his credit. Michael is currently working on another album, as well as creating inspirational videos (well over 40 to date) with his own original music. Inspiration for his music comes directly from his heart and the higher realms. Michael inspires others to find their own path and believe in themselves....following the path of the heart.  www.GetHarmonyNow.com 

  THOMAS FREESE ATR-BC, LPCC, is a psychic counselor who offerings clairvoyant readings at festivals, special events, and from his home office. He is an accurate and experienced reader of tarot, palms and photographs of loved ones. He also teaches workshops and is a speaker at metaphysical events. In 2012 he was the featured speaker at the Alaska Whole Life Festival in Anchorage, Alaska. Thomas also offers psychic Reiki, providing sessions, which are both healing and give valuable information related to body wisdom and past lives. Thomas has taught Palmistry at Bellarmine College and in workshops across the United States. Thomas Freese is a prolific artist working in wood, storytelling and authoring 135 articles and 10 books. Call Thomas for more information at (502) 439-7720 or email at thomasfreese@bellsouth.net.  His website for art, storytelling and book information is http://www.thomaslfreese.com/.

  VIRGINIA GILPIN began her spiritual journey in the 12-step programs in 1989 and found herself in a group studying ACIM in the early 90s. This learning, or rather, unlearning, caused her to take a different turn in her life. In 1999, she left the corporate world and opened a Wellness Center, a place of hope, for those ready to seek a different path.  She was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek in 2003.  Stepping into her new ministry, she began coordinating the first Festival of Healing & Spiritual Awareness October 2003, which is now held four times a year, twice in Louisville and twice in Elizabethtown.  After visiting the Brazilian healer, John of God multiple times in 2005, she brought back the first Crystal Bed to Kentucky. She received the message in January 2010 to retire her Wellness Center for new ventures and traveled around the country meeting people that came for Crystal Bed sessions. In the fall of 2013, she took her Crystal Bed to Texas to its next rightful owner.  Virginia is a true Joyologist, a natural born teacher and storyteller, helping others bring positive change into their lives.  Her prophetic abilities allow her to help other seekers. She is in the process of writing her first book about her mystical experiences. Ph.  502-275-9692.   MsCherub@aol.com    http://www.rainbow-journeys.com/  

  KATHY GLOVER, LPN has worked as a Paralegal, in retail, real estate, and taxes. Kathy is now a retired nurse and ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek, REIKI Master, and Spiritual Mentor.  Kathy has been doing energy balancing with the whole body and chakra system since 1999. Kathy has also been “A Oneness Blessing Giver” since 2011. She shares her commitment to her spiritual growth through meditation, Reiki, and other modalities of energy work.  Since 2003, she has worked reading a person’s aura through Aura Photography utilizing her intuitive gifts. Clients have been transformed through seeing their aura revealed on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Give yourself the opportunity to have an Intuitive Aura Reading to assist you on your life’s journey. Phone: 270-769-5813  ksauraphotos@yahoo.com

  BECKIE HENRY is an intuitive medium and holds the Certified Angel Card Reader© designation. She reads both Angel Tarot and Oracle cards. For the past three years she has been studying and developing her abilities that first appeared in childhood. Her main interests are working with angels and crystals, as well as serving as a Soul Shepherd to earthbound spirits who need assistance in crossing to the light. She designs crystal and natural stone jewelry. Her husband, Pat, fabricates the designs, and they are marketed as “One Of A Kind Creations.”  Contact information via email: beckiehenry@gmail.com         Phone: 270-307-5547

  BARBARA ILARI is an *Akashic Records Consultant and a Shamanic Practitioner.  She is empathic, clairvoyant and clairaudient.  A child of the earth, she spent much of her childhood roaming the woods surrounding her farm in Upstate Pennsylvania.  Riding her Morgan horse, she made contact with a variety of wildlife.  Later in her life, she connected with the messages that wild spirit carried for her through her shamanic studies.  She considers herself lucky for visiting, Raven, Fox, owl, Racoon, and deer, “upclose and personal.”  She first discovered her healing touch in her twenties working with racehorses.  She began to understand them intuitively and scanned their auras to pinpoint weaknesses.  This organically sent her on her healing journey.  In 2009, she began her studies in Reiki and completed her Reiki Master attunement in 2011.  Barbara works with her guides toward the greater good of the client and utilizes Shamanic practices with her experience with the Akashic Records to bring about clarity and healing for her clients.  She is available for by appointment for Intuitive consultation, Akashic Records, and Healing.  *Briefly defined. Akashic Records is the energetic memory that each soul carries from the time of its inception. To find out how to work with Barbara 502-292-9633, bilari14@gmail.com  http://www.integrativeshamanism.com

  MARK JAMES graduated from the University of North Texas in 1991 and immediately went into the US Army as a Medical Service Corps Officer. He spent 21 years in uniform where assignments ranged from basic/advanced field medical evacuation, manmade/natural disaster management, and writing policy for recruiting health care professionals into the Army.  Mark holds a Master’s Degree from Trident University in Emergency and Disaster Management and finalizing his PhD in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Studies.  He designed the only medical recruiting brigade in the Army, the newest and only brigade created in more than a decade.  Trained as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, he understands the progression of analyzing business processes and identifying waste.  However, that is who he WAS, not who he IS.  As many souls are today, Mark began a personal transformation several years ago.  As a student of Metaphysics with a wide range of didactic focus, Mark was drawn to Akashic Records.  He is certified practitioner by the Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI) under Linda Howe and the Pathway Prayer Process. He is a certified teacher and teaches others how they can access their own Akashic Records using the Pathway Prayer Process. This is only the beginning, an awareness into a possibility for anyone directed to the path.  Mark is married to Shelley Baxter, an Army Nurse Corps Officer, who still works for the Dept. of Defense as a midwife.  Ph. 270-307-5209 or mjames2411@msn.com

  KRISTINE JENSSEN is an Integrated Awareness Graduate who has been trained by Connie Newton and Carole Cravath to teach the Perceptive Awareness Technique and is a Certified Perceptive Awareness Facilitator.  She is also a Certified Soma Pi Practitioner since 2010 and does Soma Pi healings on both people and animals.  She has taught various spiritual development classes and has been using her intuitive skills for over 28 years in her personal and professional life.  KJenssen3@gmail.com

  ELLEN JONES first began to experience the guidance and unconditional love of her heavenly helpers in the form of colorful, sparkling lights. Feeling threatened by ridicule and judgment from others, she kept the encounters with her friends to herself. In her early 30’s she had several physical and spiritual experiences that she could not “explain away”.  Ellen began her long awaited spiritual journey of tuning into this unconditional love that surrounds us all. Answering the call from within to learn more, she discovered a daily practice, that lead her to a career in the healing arts, and spiritual teacher.  Today, Ellen is a gentle, loving, intuitive guide and spiritual teacher with a private practice located in Louisville, Ky. She has helped many people find their personal mind-body-spirit connection, recognize their own natural healing gifts, and listen to their inner truth. Her mission is to inspire others to live happy, healthy, and love-filled lives through intuitive readings, coaching, workshops and retreats. Throughout the years, she has assisted others through informative classes and eye-opening workshops with topics of communicating with the angels, self-love, energy healing and more. She is actively involved in the holistic community.  Her greatest passion and deepest desire is to awaken people to who they REALLY are, by helping them to discover their personal spiritual path and recognize their own natural intuitive gifts.  No longer living in the “metaphysical closet”, Ellen has embraced her spiritual healing gifts and  is creating a life of helping others to do the same.  She is an author,
Speaker, Intuitive messenger, Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Energy healer (Reiki, Quantum Touch, Crystal Therapy, Access Bars), Certified Mind Body Spirit Practitioner, Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, Certified Regenesis’ Practitioner, Mishka Productions/ Celebrate Your Life Staff,  Spiritual Counselor, Certified Angel Card Reader.
Contact Ellen; elypo@aol.com

  LYNN KEMPF is the “ The Leaf Whisperer.”  Lynn has been a student of metaphysics and holistic healing for forty plus years. She is also an artist, with watercolor as her primary medium.  A Reiki Master, Lynn is intent on bringing healing to the world through energy healing using the EPFX SCIO, Reiki and from healing messages brought forth from her original Tree Wisdom Oracle cards.  Lynn enjoys a deep connection with her guides and guardians besides being gifted with claircognizance, knowing that you know.   Lynn has always had a special connection with all of God’s creation and began receiving messages from leaves a few years ago. Yes, trees and rocks talk too.  Her spiritual teacher encouraged her to create her own oracle cards from the leaves that she held to receive messages.   The cards she uses are comprised of thirty-two leaf paintings on one side and thirty-two tree paintings on the other.  The word on each card was given to her from the original living leaf. Lynn uses these cards in a spread to bring messages of truth and healing to the recipient.  Besides the leaf message there is a lot of symbolism with the tree on the front.  Lynn is also a student of Shamanism and wanted to depict the tree connecting the Upper World to the Lower World all being illumined by the Sun and Grandmother Moon.  There is much ancient wisdom waiting to be heard from our nature friends.  We just need to listen.  502-266-0976 or dlkempf@bellsouth.net

  BEVERLY AND JIM MCCHESNEY of Lexington, KY own OHM SWEET OHM (www.ShopOhm.com).  Their shop is a treasure trove of things beautiful and energetically powerful.  Jim and Bev say that creation of Ohm Sweet Ohm was a labor of love – love of beautiful art-items and the love of finding the perfect owner for the item that was created just for them, as well as the love of meeting wonderful friends as they travel participating in shows.  Always on the lookout for unique work from wonderful artists, their shop is filled with one-of-a-kind gifts.  Much of the jewelry offered is handcrafted with energetically potent natural gemstones, and many metaphysical items are available.  Usui Reiki Masters since 2002, Jim and Bev practice this and many other healing and metaphysical modalities.  Both are Templar Degree Consciousness Facilitators; both have completed studies or are students of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship Church; the Builders of the Adytum; and The Church of Light.  Jim is an 8th Level Astarian and has completed the Course In Miracles, while Beverly is a Blue Star Celestial Healing Master and has attained her Bachelor of Sciences in Parapsychic Science. They both know they are blessed to have received the Rites of the Munay-Ki.  Jim teaches dowsing via rods, pendulums, runes and other tools and is registered with the American Society of Dowsers, and both have completed Akashic Records reading studies. As accredited teachers, both will soon be offering on-line courses in many subjects.  Jim and Bev are students and teachers of metaphysics, and as intuitives they often find themselves using their gifts to offer whatever is needed, be it a gemstone ring with calming properties or perhaps a mini healing session, a little spiritual counseling or even a quick reading.  Since both are energy and lightwork practitioners, items in their store are cleansed and blessed before being offered to the public, so the full benefit of the properties of the items can be utilized by the purchaser.  Jim and Beverly find themselves busy but blessed to be able to offer Ohm Sweet Ohm to all, and invite you to stop in and visit. (Tell them you read this bio and you will get 10% off any purchases!)

  BECKY McCLEERY & DEREK McCLEERY are co-owners of Down To Earth Crystals. Becky is a spiritually gifted, intuitive, holistic practitioner who teaches a variety of classes on metaphysical/spiritual development topics. She is a Reiki Master, a certified Master of Crystology and has completed Melody Level 1 & 2 training thru Four Winds Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences. Derek uses his creative gifts to wire wrap crystals & stones into pendants and earrings. His sign says, “Wire Wrap While You Wait” because he is incredibly fast. You may select something he has premade, purchase a stone of your choice from Down To Earth Crystals or bring your own crystal/stone for him to wrap. He charges $15.00 per wrap, in your choice of sterling silver or copper. This gifted young man has been professionally wire-wrapping since 2008. Phone 513-600-1564.

 PATTY McKEE is an Intuitive Counselor with psychic abilities since early childhood, Tarot Master and Developing Mediumship...available by phone or appointment at Mama Tracy Inc., 23614 VanBorn, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125, 

PH;  734-626-5436

  LATIFA MEENA currently calls Louisville, KY home. She has two “babies” of her own…her dogs Mocha and Heidi. Latifa is eloquent and quick, with an infectious giggle.  She began her professional career in the corporate world as a Microsoft Trainer and has been speaking in front of audiences since 1991. She has always been drawn to animals and today her topics are a bit different. She is likely to bring tears of comfort to a hurting pet owner as she describes their recently euthanized dog as being happy and grateful after having crossed over. Latifa captivates the audience and can keep her composure while moving from one person to the next. Over the last several years, Latifa has been studying Animal Communication and "Hands on" Healing.  She has attended multiple classes receiving hands-on training and experience with a variety of sources.  She subscribes to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators, formulated in 1990 by internationally-acclaimed pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith. She has clients all over the world and has also conducted workshops and events along the east coast.  She has been featured on TV in the southeast regional market, after conducting workshops with Three Dog Bakery, a specialty bakery for dogs. Latifa has had several TV appearances, most recently on the Animal Planet show ‘Call of the Wild.’ Latifa also provides psychic services for “humans” as we all need a little help with life!  Please feel free to contact Latifa for more information or to schedule a personal session. latifameena@gmail.com or 502-641-4119     www.animalscantalk.com

  ELIZABETH MONROY is an Infinite Human Life Coach who combines her thirty years of experience as a Mental Health Counselor with her thirty years of training under Master Spiritual Teachers. She is a member of the International Association of Life Coaches, Psychics and Healers. She is certified as an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and is a Reiki Master. Elizabeth traveled the planet receiving many high spiritual initiations and working with her husband, a physician, laying a foundation for a higher form of healing incorporating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures of the human into a new Healing modality. Together they wrote the book The Pathway Home.  Elizabeth uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals tune into their own inner guidance, step into their Radiate Light Bodies becoming Infinite Humans and sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world. She offers workshops, online classes and one to one coaching sessions both in person and online in such areas as Finding your Life Purpose, Adv. Meditation, Soul Mate Relationships, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Tarot Consultation, Dealing with the Death of a Loved One, Death Transitioning, Stress Reduction, Holistic Healing, Medical Intuit, Infinite Human Coaching Sessions and much more!!!!  Elizabeth is also an accomplished International Author, Visionary Artist and Film Maker. She is the Director of The Florence International Film School in Florence, Italy and The Infinite Human Institute, an online creative learning Center and Infinite Human Productions, a production company which produces media with higher awareness as well as her talk show The Infinite Human Talk Show which can be found on her YouTube Channel Infinite Human Productions.  Ph 502-821-1558

  MS. MARY (PENA) has the gift of Spiritual Counsel through clairvoyance, psychos awareness, tarot interpretation, astrology, and holistic healing.  Ms. Mary has been a guest on "The Future is in Your Hands" with Marilyn Gaddie and Dee Patterson.  She has studied with top-level psychics, mediums, and holistic healers.  She is also co-director of a local meditation group.  Ms. Mary is available by appointment for individual sessions in person or by phone as well as group or party gatherings.  All appointments are personal and discreet.  502-494-6409

THOMAS PUTMAN joins us from Peoria, IL with a very exciting display of crystal grids of assorted sizes and designs. The grids are created for healers and healing work. Thomas will also bring cooper pyramids. He offers a variety of stones and crystals and also creates focused energy jewelry. Shaman144@yahoo.com 309-340-8782 

  YAYOI & MARL RENFRO bring us Natural Blessings!  Natural Blessings Handcrafts ceramic pendants, wire wrapped and beaded jewelry and also carries handmade silver jewelery from Asian countries.  Their love of stones lead them to carry a variety of jewelry and natural stones.  They also have dragon jewelery which they believe brings good fortune.  Contact;  yyr60@hotmail.com  PH: 859-757-1299

  BILL SCHOOK is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a member of the Dinshah Society, a part of the Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association, a shamanic practitioner a Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Ohio and a certified medical intuitive.  He has been studying holistic health and education since before 2001 and enjoys aiding in the healing process by inducing the body’s own natural restorative abilities. He is a believer that the body has the capacity to recover from any sickness, dis-ease, or ailment. He has a desire to help heal the world, one person at a time.  Please visit his web site at www.EarthCircleCreations.com where he has many of his products available for sale. Please visit EarthCircleCreations.com for additional information.

  BOB TEETS, owner of Thunder Valley Drums, is committed to service through practicing and teaching shamanism. Using powerfully charged lightning-struck wood and other energized Earth materials, his “lightning drums,” jewelry and ceremonial creations are used by healers on every continent in the world. You can see and hear these heart-centered drums and other items at Bob’s booth during the Festival, or on his Website: http://www.naturalshamandrums.com/ Bob will also offer shamanic readings during the Festival.

  DONNIE THOMAS is the owner of Body and Sole Massage Therapy in Elizabethtown, KY.  Her modalities include the ionic footbaths and that is the services she will be providing this weekend at the Festival.  Donnie also teaches classes in reflexology. Ph. 270-234-6242  healer627@windstream.net

  PHYLLIS VAUGHT is a retired graphic artist, costume designer and mascot builder. 
She has enjoyed being an artist her entire life, however, her gifts really came to life after the sudden death of her husband in 2011. She began searching for answers through prayer, books, and meditation groups. Messages came that she would use her art to help heal others. She knows she is being guided as she paints and receives messages. She now attends many regional spiritual and metaphysical festivals, painting the Visions she sees for others. She then helps the person interpret the individual meaning. She is blessed as much as the person receiving the painting, knowing that they have received some insight for their highest good.  Phyllis is also available by phone at (502) 345-3301 or phyllisjvaught@gmail.com.

  CONSTANCE WARREN - In l971, Constance Warren discovered yoga, and began transforming her life from a high school teacher to a self-employed yoga teacher.  In 1974, she studied handwriting analysis, and began analyzing nearly everyone she met.  She was shocked and amazed when strangers began commenting that she was doing more than handwriting analysis.  She was that intuitive! This led her to become a paid entertainer in her home and at parties, and nightspots in Louisville, Shelbyville and Lexington.  Soon that practice led her to reading cards and palms.  Later, she added numerology, astrology and prayer.  Much later, she became a Reiki Master teacher.  And for the past seventeen years, she has been a regular contributor to Odyssey, a regional publication.  In December 2012, Constance published her first book entitle, On My Way, Reflections of a Kentucky Psychic.  It is a heartfelt memoir revealing authentic gifts and tenacious courage of the human spirit.  Her book is filled with hilarious humor, and at times, tears of heartbreak. She is available for private readings in her home in Louisville or for party entertainment.  She has been a guest speaker and lecturer at various psychic fairs and churches.  
Ph. 502-899-7465. 

  NANCI IRENE WESLING is a teacher, healer, ordained minister, and the producer of featherhawk essences, gentle vibrational remedies for healing the soul. In her practice she uses Essences, Sound Healing, Essential Oils, and Energy Work providing deep and lasting healing for Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotions. Private sessions by appointment from a distance, in your home or in New Albany, Indiana * nanci@featherhawk.com *   502.435.6445